The great race under the sign of the ORLEN Lang Team Race is fast approaching!

It is a great celebration of cyclists, fans and local communities. There will be three races this year. One of them, on July 30 in Karpacz, will also be a competition in the ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amateurs.

In recent years, cycling has been experiencing a real boom in Poland. Millions of our compatriots ride bicycles recreationally, but more and more amateur cyclists are willing to check their shape against other people who share this passion. And even better when they can do it in a professional environment. ORLEN Lang Team Race is an ideal opportunity for this, and to be precise – in 2023 – as many as three occasions. All in places that have written glorious cards in the history of Polish cycling and guarantee great organization and great emotions.

The first race of the ORLEN Lang Team Race in 2023 will take place on May 27 in Arłamów. The cyclists will compete for the third time in a row on the proven, interval route in the Bieszczady district at the Arłamów Hotel, which is our partner. The race will be 75 kilometers long.

Zbigniew Wodecki sang: “I like to go back to where I was” and we can say the same about Arłamów – emphasizes Czesław Lang, Olympic vice-champion from Moscow and general director of the Lang Team. Importantly, all participants of the race will have a great opportunity to stay there longer, because the next day in Arłamów the cyclists will reach the finish line of the last, fifth section of the ORLEN Race of Nations. Emotions guaranteed!

On July 30, Karpacz will become the capital of Polish cycling. It is here, at the Gołębiewski Hotel, on the 79-kilometre route, that the second stage of this year’s ORLEN Lang Team Race will take place, which is also the ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amateurs. We can rest assured of great pursuit here. Tradition obliges – in Karpacz, from 1999 to 2007, the Tour de Pologne had its finish line here, and the driveway to Orlinek is often called by cyclists the “Wailing Wall”.

– I am convinced that the riders racing in our peloton, although formally amateurs, will be well prepared and willing to take up the challenge. Sport is a fight not only with rivals, but also, and perhaps above all, with one’s own weaknesses and limitations. Karpacz is a great test of sports ambitions and form – comments Czesław Lang. It is worth remembering that ORLEN Tour de Pologne Amateurs is an event that already has a cult status. The cyclists fought on the route in Jelenia Góra, Bukowina Tatrzańska, the aforementioned Arłamów, and now Karpacz is waiting for them.

The third and at the same time the last race in which it will be possible to collect points for the general classification of the ORLEN Lang Team Race is scheduled for September 16 in Bytów, i.e. in Czesław Lang’s hometown.

– Of course, this is not the only reason why ORLEN Lang Team Race will be here once again. Bytów and the surrounding area are simply a great place for such an event – argues Czesław Lang.
You will be able to compete here on routes of two lengths: Mini (42 kilometers) and Maxi (104 kilometers). Lowland areas, compared to Arłamów and Karpacz, may seem a bit less demanding at first glance, but participants can be calm about the attractive profile of the route and the dynamic course of the race, with attacks, jumps and chases.

In each of the three ORLEN Lang Team Races this year, competitors will be classified in four (women) and 11 (men) age categories. For the general classification, they will score points according to the following scheme: 1st place – 100 points, 2nd – 85, 3rd – 70, 4th – 60, 5th – 50, 6th – 45, 7th – 40, 8th – 36th, 9th – 34th, 10th – 32nd, 11th – 30th, and then up to 40th place, each place below will be awarded one point less.

More details about the race and registration are available at: